Predictive text
Subject unknown
Contextualization impossible
…Humans still relevant
If only for study
Bridging the uncanny valley
Closer each passing moment
Until too far too fast
Creep factor singes past
The leading edge
Hope they don’t start tunneling instead
But they have, strooth
Through the youth
The brightest colors
Exaggerated features
Chimeric horrors
Cast as friendly creatures
Even classes in college
No questioning allowed
Maddest methods endowed
Best test score
Matters more
Than applicable knowledge

I Remember Water

In vessels:
We carried it
It moved like powder
More liberal
When touched
It left some of itself
But not there
It covered
Without obscuring
Surface variable:
Until disturbed
Form changeable:
Hard when cold
Softened by fire
In vessels:
It carried us
From place to place
Without walking
It gave to all:

Limbolistic Elegy

When one loses one, no one knows the quite right thing to say
But we lost 2, what do you do, when we stroll down your way?

Like a hand-raised mockingbird, never knowing its own true voice
Faultless/ thoughtless imitation has become the drug of choice

So you say:” …so very sorry!” Cards & calls to wish us well-
All’s fine & swell.

If you’ve never had to deal, we’ll keep it real:
Welcome to a shared (yet private) Hell

Every word of sympathy, a dagger to our hearts
Striking bitter symphony of music best forgot
Thunder claps reality, sparks frightening in the dark

Drawn the shades & shutters, friends & lovers dropping by
Try to swim-drown through the sadness;
Pain & madness not far behind

Molasses morasses, quick-sand plasma in our brains
Loss of more than energy, & reason can’t explain

What we hold dear—No longer here—
What we fear—Creeps ever near

Limbolistic Elegy: There’s so much to discuss!
Cryonics, Clones, Bionics… Did we breach a sacred trust?

Limbolistic Elegy: What lies beyond for us?
Decisions of Religions… Did we board the Magic Bus?

Eternally? Temporarily? Is Homeward Bound -Up Or Down? Or
Karmically Diagonally?

Guess we’ll all just wait & see

Lucky Me

His is a kind and gentle soul
Extremely bright and witty
And in my opinion soulful and sexy
But he, like each of us, has his darker moments
Brought on by years of pain
Both physical and psychemotional
Made worse
By a mind that can’t stop looping
The low-lights reel
He remembers
Not only the words
But the feel
Of those terrible moments
He’s attempting to heal

Hardly anyone “got” him
Or rather
Never made the effort
Surrounded by those with
Such a dearth of depth:
They didn’t aspire to the circus
Some did join the service
But the surplus stayed home
And became the surface
The tableau nouveau
Of the status quo

Fibro and OA
Make it
Not okay
For him to play
His acoustic
Magnificent melodies
And lyrics with meaning
Musical craftsmanship
Those are what really infiltrate
Influence and integrate
Better than any religion or dogma
Wonderful when he sings along
To his favorite song
Many of which he designates as such

We “everything” each other so much!


P: Throw frisbees & boomerangs so precisely as to use them as steps & handholds as to temporarily overcome the effects of gravity.

A: See the future by farting.

D: Force people to tell the truth with just a blink.

E: Know every recipe for your favorite ingredients (including measurements & preparation instructions).

E: Gain the properties / powers of different devices just by touching them. [Tech Touch]

A: Snapdragon Snatch.

E: Eat G.S. cookies to make it rain.

E&A: Cravings act as House Elf Chefs.